first smoke 400Prepare for a wild ride as mini tractor pulling debuts at Scorton Steam.

Watch everything from souped up ride-on lawnmowers to highly strung methanol-injected, supercharged V8 engine tractors rip it up to get the furthest down a 100m dirt track pulling the heaviest weight.

If it’s engine-busting, ear-rattling race action you want, prepare to be blown away!


The classes pulling at Scorton are as follows:

350kg & 400kg Garden Class

600Kg Limited Compact Diesel and 600Kg Unlimited Compact Diesel

950Kg Mini Modified - the smallest of the modified classes, and formally called the Mini Modified class, this tractor pulling class is a single engine machine weighing in at just 950kg complete with driver. The engines used in the 950kg Modified class range from supercharged V8’s to turbine engines and even V12 aircraft engines.

Visit the website or join them on facebook 


At Scorton on 11th and 12th September 2021.

This exciting event will showcase many aspects of the local game industry – including shooting, fishing and gundogs.

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